About eGazette - SEDEI SRLS
eGazette is Social Networking Platform to manage information through posts, photos and videos.


eGazette is a new electronic journal open to the collaboration of all readers.
I want it to be a free and independent social network and I welcome all democratic and lawful opinions for the development and growth of all individuals and all countries.
eGazette was born in Italy, but it has a real-time worldwide reach; first of all by adopting a name in English, and secondly because you can place articles in any languages . It has now four admin languages and more languages to be added soon.
eGazette kicks off in 2014 in very unfavourable economic times for many people, companies and organizations. But it was born with no debt, nor it will incur any. Currently it is financed by its creator, but in the future it must pay for itself.
Companies that want to promote their business can do so by entering free press releases relating to their business.