What are sex dolls?

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In the past, sex dolls were not so mature, and they used inflatable dolls, commonly known as sex inflatable dolls.

The 21st century saw a breakthrough in this type of human love doll simulation, with increasingly sophisticated dolls using gel or resin with shape memory to mimic re


Real sex dolls have achieved the same feelings as real people, which is a benefit for modern men, so men who pursue the ultimate sexual experience feel like a sexual paradise.

Does your doll still need to be washed?

If you're feeling lonely, you can check out real-life dolls that are much cooler than humans. Really comfortable. Does it need to be cleaned after use?

After being disarmed, I think there is no doubt that I am too lazy to move. I am too lazy to have a beautiful physical electric hip sex doll next to me. After all, I already look like a queen of Buddha. The "girlfriend" wore sleeves, but I was also worried about whether it would contaminate the doll since it would be used in the future.

I think it is better to clean it after use, which is more hygienic and is also helpful for the maintenance of sex dolls.

sex with doll

Generally speaking, we all want to find a beautiful girlfriend, and then preferably a marriage with guaranteed sex, but now men are looking for a sexless marriage! What's going on here?

The man is in a relationship, but due to physical reasons, he cannot give the woman sexual blessings, and the woman cannot accept it, so there is no result between the two. Especially as they grow older, mothers are very worried about going on a blind date and marriage with their sons in the park. Even if the man is not anxious, he is not as anxious as other parents. She said that her son is a high school teacher with an annual income of more than 100,000 yen. She is looking for someone under 48 years old and 1.70 years old. a career woman

The conditions are really simple, how can you accept a sexless marriage? We all know that a high-quality sex life is an important factor in ensuring a marriage, but it is often the cause of sexual problems, various conflicts, and even divorce.

Netizens also think this question is difficult to understand, but they suggest that if you want to find someone to accompany you, finding a real 160cm sex doll is a good idea. It is not contradictory, some people think it is pitiful for a man to find someone to accompany him.

Love dolls are indeed beautiful, but they are definitely more expensive than blow-up dolls. Real love dolls are actually love dolls, not blow-up dolls. Top quality, this is the enchanting goddess you want, no one should buy it wrong.