FFXIV Poetics to Gil Guide - Earn Money With Tomestones (2022)

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FFXIV Poetics to Gil Guide - Earn Money With Tomestones (2022)

If you’re sitting on a veritable treasure trove of Tomestones FFXIV Gil of Poetics in Final Fantasy XIV and don’t know what to do with them, it can be daunting to decide on how to spend them. You can do one of two things with those 2,000 Poetics in your pocket. Option one is to follow our other guide and purchase items you can use like leveling gear, items for the relic weapon grind, or even turn them into Grand Company Seals. But what if you’d rather find a way to convert all of those Poetics into Gil in FFXIV?

With all of the available options like materials, Materia, gear, and more, it can be difficult figuring out which is your best bet. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that every server’s player economy is different. What may be rare and expensive on Ultros could be plentiful on Famfrit, for example. To a further extent, prices on different data centers may vary even more.

As such, this guide will be primarily focused on how to equip yourself with the knowledge to earn Gil rather than simply listing what the best FFXIV Poetics to Gil conversion is. We’ll still highlight a lot of the safest bets, but nothing is one hundred percent certain when it comes to a live in-game economy.

FFXIV Poetics to Gil Research.,

The first thing to do is find out what’s selling well on your server. For this we recommend pulling up the vendor page on Lodestone and making your way to a Market Board. There you can easily look up everything that can be sold and find out if it’s worth the spend.

The most important thing to keep in mind here is how many Tomestones of Poetics the item costs. One item may be twice the cost and unless it sells for twice the amount of Gil, that’s something you should avoid.

But you also need to take note of how often things are selling. While the price point on some things can be high, some items only have a buyer once every few days, others have more than a dozen in just a few hours.

Poetics to Gil in as Few Steps as Possible.

By far the easiest way to turn those Poetics into Gil is by purchasing raw materials like Eikon Mythrite, Multifaceted Resin, and Domacoat. We’re going to pretend you have a full stack of 2,000 Poetics to make the math easier. With that much in hand, these materials can sell for upwards of 100,000 Gil depending on the Market Board.

One thing you need to decide on is how quickly you’re trying to sell them. Some materials will undoubtedly sell faster, but at a lower price.

Poetics to Gil Using Crafting.

If your Crafting Jobs are leveled high enough, you can potentially earn even more Gil by transforming the materials you buy into highly desired items. That Gobcraft Resin is an important ingredient for making Treated Camphorwood Lumber which sells for about 9,400 Gil each when crafted at high quality (HQ). You can also take that Eikon Hide and make Eikon Leather which sells pretty rapidly at around 3,500 Gil each.

There are obviously other costs associated with crafting these items which may bring down the profitability. For the most part, this may be a slower grind, however, because people typically purchase more expensive materials in smaller quantities. Therefore this method takes more time and effort to sell through your stock. You will, however, be making rarer materials that are more likely to sell. If you’re always loaded with Poetics and want to worry less about constantly keeping your retainers stocked, this is a good option.

The following is the estimated revenue for selling these items using the Cheap FFXIV Gil materials you just purchased for 2,000 Poetics. We do not account for the costs of the other items you’ll need.